Affiliate Program

We're proud to be affiliated with some of the best of the gaming community, apply today by filling out the form below.
We will quickly review it and email you if and when you're accepted into our affiliate program.

How does it work?

  1. You will enter your requested 15% off code when applying for our affiliate program (if the code is unavailable it will have you choose another one).
  2. Your fans will use the code to get 15% off site-wide.
  3. You will get 15% commission automatically sent to your PayPal within 30 days (typically within 7 days).


More info: You should read the full terms on the registration link before completing the form but here are some of the main points with footnotes:

You may also use your referral link instead of, or with the promotional code to get your commission. The benefits do not stack.

The "30 days" term is referring to how long the referral link will track a person, it's up to 30 days unless they clear their internet cookies.

You are in the affiliate program officially for 6 months, but you can contact us at any time to announce you are leaving the program.

Officially you are supposed to give us 30 days notice before leaving the affiliate program, according to the terms & conditions.

(Please Note: We have never held an affiliate to this 30 day 'exit term', we reserve this right in the case of financial investment / to help prevent abuse of system).

After 6 months your account will still be active and all terms & conditions will be considered ongoing until 'Soesic' or the affiliate cancels the agreement with 30 day notice.

Lastly, you are not allowed to bid against Google Adwords which refer to our brand, "Soesic", "Soesic Clothing Co", etc.
This against Google Adwords rules anyway.

If you have any questions please contact our social media support (please only one platform, no need to spam them all since it doesn't give you a faster answer) or you can email us at

f you do not see a form below this message or the form is not responding, please click the link that is below the form at the bottom of this page.