This feature is in beta test, please email us at if you have any problems. You will also need to email us your shirt design as we do not currently have an upload design button set up. This is the page you will use to manage your subscriptions.
This feature is for Soesic Clothing Co. Affiliates ONLY, as you get paid by your 15% coupon code. After your clothing is set up (please allow upto 48 hours) I will email you your creator store link, your items are eligible for all storewide discounts.
You could sell your own merchandise but unless you buy a bulk deal of shirts, it's going to be expensive... And where do you store all those shirts? And then you have to deal with shipping it which takes a lot time, then if the package gets lost, you're out of pocket...
So you decide to use a company for your merchandise fulfillment! How about Streamlabs? Well, you'd have to sell multiple shirts every month just to break even with Streamlabs.
If only you could work with Soesic Clothing Co, that company you're already affiliated with.
Now you can! With higher quality and lower minimum (& higher maximum) product prices for shirts than Streamlabs Merch.
Now you can better focus on branding or monetization, whatever meets your needs, for a much lower monthly cost.
Compare us to Streamlabs, which is a better option than most fulfillment companies:
"[...] an insanely good deal, the reason I quit offering my own merch on stream labs was because they wanted to charge $12 a month just to have a merch page and I thought that was ridiculous [...] I would say that the quality I've gotten from Soesic so far is better than anything I got from Stream Labs for sure" -