Soesic’s Gaming Content "Intro to Pro" Guide

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soesic's gaming content intro to pro guideDrake, we couldn't have said better our selves... We've worked with thousands of content creators and we know that only .1% of them will ever see real success in the Gaming industry. That's why we created a free guide to help the content creators that we come in contact with. 

With this guide, you'll be able to build a fan base and make money by playing video games. That dream is definitely achievable, but you've got to have the willpower and the knowledge to work towards it. We can help with the knowledge part:

  • Hustle Consistently - As you may already know, a stream schedule is important. It's not always possible but if you can use one, do. We'll tell you the "peak" hours for every platform within this guide.
  • Maximize Return Rates - You want viewers who stumble upon your stream (or videos) to follow you or better yet, subscribe. We'll show you actual examples of people psychologically forcing their numbers to go up through charisma.
  • Branding - You have a thing, figure out what it is if you don't know. Timthetatman is the tat man. Ninja has the blue hair. Tfue looks like the guy from Fortnite and endorses it. & Dr. Disrespect even has an entire character when he streams. I'm not saying you have to go that far, but something that establishes yourself as memorable and unique helps.
  • Authentic Personality - All of the above examples also are super charismatic. You don't HAVE to be THAT outgoing to be successful though, especially if you're a skilled player (Shroud for example), the most important thing is authenticity. People HATE fake-ness and the instant you let something slip - fans will become strangers (or enemies).
  • Monetization - There are a lot of ways to monetize, a lot of people think of ads when they heard monetization but ads pay very little compared to affiliations and sponsorship deals.
  • Networking - Chances are, you came across this guide in a networking setting so you probably know something about this already but we'll touch on the importance of how to network and give you helpful links.
  • Practical Jumpstarts - There are some practical tips within the guide as well that you can see amazing growth for your content immediately... We'll share them with you!
 If you have the audacity to dream of becoming a professional content creator and play video games for a living then I suggest you get started with all the right tools... Download our free guide now!

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